I'm Luca.

Hi! I am Luca Marocchi. I am an interior & graphic designer based in Milan working on branding, visual identities, editorial design and web design. 


In May 2014 I joined the team of “From Owl” , an italian clothing brand focused on the use of high quality fabrics, combining tradition and innovation.

I am still Fashion Designer and Main Partner of Fromowl, collaborating with location of the level of “Eco del Mare” (a private luxury beach of the Fornaciari family in Liguria)


In September 2016 I started a project focused on the organization of events, in clubs located mainly in Parma, under the name of an organization called "VOLT" of which I am one of the five founders and the main Graphic Designer.


In February 2017 I founded the brand "Opera Campi" with four other partners.

Opera Campi is a brand totally focused on the use of hemp and on the protection of biodiversity.

After six months I decided to focus on other projects.


Problem Solving 


Fashion Knowledge

Graphics Creativity

Team Working

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Final Cut Pro

Microsoft Office Pack