From stronger seams to luxury materials; we're doing our most to be at a higher level than the luxury brands

Our products are made of the finest natural Italian materials,  with a minimalist design and developed with meticulous attention to shape and details.

Minimalism often induces common and basic garments, while too detailed would create complicated but trendy products.

To us, quality is synonym of perfection. It's never easy to be perfect, but you can  constantly work to get as close as possible to the highest grade of quality

From Owl

Clothing Brand

From Owl is an italian clothing brand.

I am one of the four Main Partner of this brand and the fashion designer.

Our products are conceived for smart and polite minds with the spirit of Adventure.

Our philosophy represent our values: tradition, innovation, exclusivity and differentiation.

Exclusivity is a feature. Each product is usually produced in very few pieces. And we rarely restock the products

Our mission is to craft definitively perfect products for your daily adventures, whether it’s a safari in Africa or an informal day at work

We innovate through practical features, like ankle velcro on our pants




Our headquarters are in Parma, a beautiful town located in Northern Italy where many companies of all types make excellent products with passion.